Enterprise Development

You will increase your B-BBEE Score by contributing towards Enterprise Development and help foster an economy for a black business entrepreneur.

Your contribution as a company can be achieved through:

Monetary Donations.
Donation of business goods & services.
Participation in a mentor programme.
Providing procurement opportunities to businesses.

According to the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, companies are required to contribute 3% of Net Profit after Tax (NPAT) towards enterprise development to qualify for the 15 points available in terms of the scorecard.

Original Procurement is certified as fully compliant with the requirements for the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice and all relevant criteria therein for the recognition of Enterprise Development Contributions.

Your donation to Original Procurement will be able to claim 125% of its contributions as Enterprise Development Contributions.
For example, a company donating R10, 000 to Original Procurement will be able to claim R12, 500 (R10,000 x 125%) as an Enterprise Development Contribution.

Any donations of goods or services, which will assist in the operation of my office, development of the clients and expansion of existing operations, are greatly appreciated.

Overhead costs, which are allocated to supporting the activities of Original Procurement and not directly incurred may be recognised at a benefit factor of 80%. However, with the enhancement factor of 1.25, 100% of the allocated overhead cost may be claimed for scorecard purposes.


Original Procurement offers simple and effective solutions for earning Enterprise Development and Supplier Development points in terms of the Amended B-BBEE scorecard. By giving our investors the opportunity to support the development of the Black Entrepreneurs on our programme, Original Procurement can ensure you fulfil all compliance requirements and maximise your points. We also give investors access to the full scope of Original Procurement services, to diversify their supply chains and increase procurement scoring.

Should you wish to make an Enterprise and Supplier Development contribution to Original Procurement, kindly email: info@oproc.co.za or contact:  012 346 6745

Companies Enterprise Development Supplier Development
Maximum points that can be
earned by investing in
Original Procurement
5 Points 10 Points
Contribution Target 1% NPAT 2% NPAT

Disclaimer: Original Procurement makes every effort to ensure that your organisation receives maximum points as per the General (Amended 2015) and Sector Codes of Good Practice scorecard but cannot give a full guarantee. Please confirm with your verification agency / consultancy to ensure that you will receive full points.


Does Original Procurement meet the criteria?
Yes as we are >51 % Black women owned small enterprises, with a Level 2 B-BBEE rating.
Does Original Procurement have a minimum contribution?
No. Original Procurement has no minimum contribution amount, all contributions are welcome.
Am I a South African, African women?
Yes I am I was born in Belfast, Mpumalanga in 1979.
Is Original Procurement a registered South African Company?
Yes Original Procurement (Pty) Ltd is a registered company with a valid vat registration number.
Does Original Procurement have a valid BBBEE Affidavit?
Yes we do a level 2 with 125% recognition level
Does Original Procurement have a bank account?
FNB Brooklyn – Original Procurement (Pty) Ltd Branch Code 254345 Business Cheque acc. 625 474 10770
Does Original Procurement have a web site?
Yes please visit - http://www.oproc.co.za/
Does Original Procurement have a physical office?
Yes we are situated at 278 Delphinus Street Waterkloof Ridge Pretoria
Does Original Procurement have a Land Line number?
Yes 012 346 6745


Invest beyond the invoice.

Supplier Development has as its primary purpose, increasing the procurement levels of corporate South Africa from small business South Africa. At Original Procurement we understand that one of the greatest challenges facing corporate South Africa today from a transformation perspective, is the need to identify and procure from suitable black owned businesses.

In terms of the Amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, beneficiaries of development interventions now need to be suppliers to the measured entity's business. This requires companies to identify possible qualifying beneficiaries for Supplier Development and Preferential Procurement. This is measured not only by your procurement levels from small black owned businesses, but now also by your support in the development of such businesses.

Original Procurement offers a Supplier Development Solution that is specifically tailored to your business objectives and that satisfies all the compliance requirements as determined in the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.